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Authorship of Jesse Millette



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Cometan® is the sole author of all Jesse Millette® titles, and each and every Millettarian book must bear the Cometan® logo as a constitutional obligation. 

Brandon Taylorian, mononymously known as Cometan, is a philosopher and writer of the text known as The Grand Centrality of The Philosophy of Millettism, inside which resides The Omnidoxy that remains over one million words long and forms the foundations of the Millettarian philosophical tradition, the primary philosophy within which is The Philosophy of Millettism, also known as Astronism, Kosma, Cosmism, and Sophism. 

Taylorian is also the author of The Original Jesse Millette Series which is set to consist of twenty books chronicling the life of the protagonist Jesse Millette as he solves mysteries and learns of his greater destiny. Taylorian's artistic journey began when, on his fifteenth birthday, the idea to create a fictional mystery detective formed in his teenage mind which was soon followed by the development of Millettism and later, of course, he began writing The Omnidoxy. 

At the age of nineteen, Cometan managed to publish the precursory edition of Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse, the first instalment in The Original Jesse Millette, on 17th November 2017 which marked Taylorian's first entry into the public literary scene. 

The idea of Jesse Millette first began on the 15th birthday of Brandon Taylorian when he disagreed with the ending of one of the Nancy Drew books, and decided to then create his own character as inspired by both the Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys series. 

From then on, Cometan dedicated his entire life to the development of the Jesse Millette stories, the first of which was The Original Jesse Millette Series, as well as curating The Five Millettarian Characters: Jesse, Oliver, Ellena, Zara, and Harriet.

The Precusory Edition of Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse was published on 7th November 2017 when Cometan was just nineteen years of age, and still studying at university. 

Taylorian described the character's development as occurring simultaneously as he developed into a young man and as he learnt more about the world, the further he applied the character and brand of Jesse Millette to the world, including art, philosophy, religion, history, architecture, marketing, business, and every other feature of our world. 

The expansion of the Jesse Millette idea soon lead Cometan to establish The Jesse Millette Company, the official name for which is The People's Constitutional Company of Jesse Millette. At the point of The Company's incorporation, Cometan now consider Jesse Millette to be a brand, and much larger than his idea initial for Jesse as a character. 

Learn more about Cometan at his website here.

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